Topic Tuesday: Food Philosophy

So it’s Topic Tuesday, and normally I would post about a health or nutrition topic but I’m feeling very insightful this week so you’re going to get blasted with the “Ramblings of Emily” for the next couple of days…. mmmk? Plus, my blog is still new, and I want all of you lovely people to know the girl behind the pixels in the screen.

Anyway, what I want to talk about today is my philosophy on food. And yes this does fall into the category of nutrition so technically, I’m staying on topic.. ha… see what I did there.. did ya?

First things first, food is our friend. People get this crazy idea that it’s something we need to be constantly fighting. We cannot breathe, walk, talk, dream or live without it, so why waste the energy making it an enemy? There are so many wonderful things that food can do for us. It makes us strong, it brings us together with people that we love, it brings out creativity that we never knew we had. I myself have made food an enemy in the past but now it is a constant in all aspects of my life.

Second, I’m a true advocate of balance and moderation. It even says so in my About Me page. There is no bad food (see, enemy?). I believe that you can, and should, enjoy every morsel that you put into your mouth. With that said, I also believe that gluttony is something to be avoided. Chocolate is a huge part of my life, but so are greens and whole grains. You should never feel deprived.

Third, simplicity is the best policy. The less ingredients, the better. Have you ever picked up a package, flipped to the nutrition label and thought you were reading an ingredient list in another language? Yea those kinds of foods are not really even food at all. Keep it real, people! The easiest way to approach this is to “perimeter” shop at the grocery store. Real foods can be found on the outskirts of the store layout (with the exception of grains/flour), while the isle are stocked with processed “food”.

And if you’re still with me, here at the end of this wordy post, and can’t remember how you got here.. please just always remember one thing: Love real foods in moderation.



Here’s a little something for your ‘ish and gigs (please, watch the whole thing)